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Sam Malcolm has dedicated years perfecting his juggling and comedy to become the best performer. He has also spent several days making this website, which is maybe worth something as well.

He has amazed audiences with his energetic juggling routines and hilarious comedy in shows around the world. Sam has a show for an audience of any age that will leave you amazed. Sam is a master of keeping both spirits and unimaginable numbers of objects dazzling aloft.
Sam is a seasoned entertainer, honing his skills with street performing to make sure his outdoor comedy show is engaging to everyone. He loves performing and making people laugh all the time, because he believes laughter is something that can unify people from all walks of life.

If you want to please a big crowd, Sam can deliver with incredible stunts and fresh, off the cuff comedy and improv. Sam Malcolm is a comedy juggling all-star who brings big smiles, and bigger laughs!

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